28-30 APRIL 2017

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Established since 2011, Local.co.id is a business movement that aims to empower local potential from Indonesia within various sectors. Over the years, Local.co.id has generates an impressive track record of creative events with more than 200.000 visitors every year.

North Sneaker Squad

North Sneaker Squad is an Indonesia (Jakarta) based community and influencer in sneaker and streetwear that established in 2016. Their movement and campaign recognized as the most effective and the fastest way in influencing direct to the us- ers which they are the sneaker and streetwear enthusiast and can be proven through their previous activities. Their primary goal is to build a better future of sneaker and streetwear culture in Indonesia.

What is

Local.co.id in collaboration with North Sneaker Squad are proud to present “Urban Sneaker Society” the most awaited event of the year for sneakerhead & Streetwear Enthusiast, where the best sneaker & streetwear seller will showcasing their products. We believe sneaker & streetwear is not only a part of fashion accessory, it’s a culture that we aim to bring to our event.
Sneaker Marketplace

Over 50 hottest sneaker & streetwear seller. Don't worry to buy fake item, we have legit cheker to verify your purchase

Most wanted Sneaker Raffle

Sneaker raffle every hour! You can purchase most wanted sneaker with retail price

Sneaker Exhibtion

Find the most rare sneaker in the exhibtion area. More than 30 pairs collection will be showcased


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